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Reseller Application

We are always interested in working with any qualified computer and sales professional or organizations, who are interested in becoming our reseller.
If you or your organization meet all of the following minimum criteria, and you are interested in becoming our reseller, then please fill out our reseller application online.


Minimum Reseller Requirements:
Knowledgeable in computer systems or point of sale industry
Energetic and enthusiastic in seeking and following sales leads
Interested in making more than just an one time installation deal
Willing to spend time to learn about our software and the installation
Willing to follow up on your customers if they need your support


Benefits of Being a CDTEK POS Reseller:

Free unlimited telephone and email support during our normal business hours
Free unlimited telephone and email support during our normal business hours
Expedited turn around time on technical support issues
Get sales leads that we receive for your area when available
Receive profitable and reasonable reseller pricing structures
Provide you with advice on your hardware selection and vendors
Get sales information sheets and demo CD sets for a minimal cost
Your Company Information will be published through CDTek Web Site


Termination of Registered Reseller Status:

Although rarely, but we do from time to time review our resellers in our database to see if they have become inactive. 
If you're a registered reseller, and you have not communicated with us for an extended period of time, and also have not replied to our inquiries to you, then we may consider that this specific reseller has became inactive, and we will send out one final notice to the reseller as to the termination of the reseller status if not replied within the specified amount of time in the notice.
If the inactive reseller does not respond, then we will reserve the ritht to automatically remove the inactive reseller from our registered reseller database, and assign another more capable reseller in the area as our registered reseller. 
When such even occurs, the terminated reseller will generally not be approved for future reseller dealership of out product.